What Next After Your Final High School Exam Is Out?

By on February 28, 2017
What Next After Your Final High School Exam Is Out

Come on, isn’t this one of the greatest moments you have been looking forward to? Finishing high school. For me, it was a great achievement. I had waited for this moment for almost all my school life. You have sat for that final High School Exam. The results are out and you are waiting to join college. So whats next? Well, you could dig out the old TV from the attic and mount it in some corner of your room (or the basement), get a bucket of popcorn and then slide into an eternal comfort zone. Oh no! Not in your parents house. This is the best moment to discover the rest of you.

Get control of your talent

Yes, do that please. You love painting? then let the world know it.  Are you great at song writing and singing? Record a song, join a band (or form one). Interact with local music producers and let them show you the ropes. Enroll in a dance class. This is the time to discern whether a certain ability is truly your true calling or not.

Acquire a driver’s license

If you don’t already have one.  Now this is one skill that is easy to master and now that you are most certainly of old enough, and free, just do it. Who knows. You could become a famous NASCAR driver. You will be preparing for a successful future where you will own and drive cars. Driving is a handy skill that can help you when in sticky situations.

Get a job

I bet you all know about this one. In fact it should have come first on the list. This is great way to earn some experience and some cash. This will allow that CV to grow. It will be a great way to train yourself how to be responsible. You don’t need to go into all offices looking for “suit and tie” jobs. Start with something simple and easy. Try the coffee shop around your area or the public library. Just do your task diligently and earn trust from your employers. It is also good to pick a job that improves your social skills. You will notice that, that will improve your social and networking skills in the future.

Participate in charity work

This includes activities like campaigns, marathons and pretty anything that you could in the community without necessarily gaining anything material. These activities improve your social skills and hence prepares you for a great future.

Help your parents run their private business

This is a great way to discourage idleness. You will also be learning important skills in business management and you could even make it better. This will be a great way to earn more trust and respect from your parents but most of all, a great way to maximize household income. Parents could even put up a side business, just for you to run.


Whatever you do, don’t just idle at home. Try all the above and even think of more that we didn’t get to discuss. I know now you are burning with ideas of what to do next. It had been a long wait and now its over. The moment is in your hands. Most of all, safe out there.

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