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A student has a gift but, they also have special learning needs. This is not a rare occurrence in academic institutions. Many teachers have encountered this situation countless times but never really find out about it for the longest time.

children learning An undiagnosed learning disability is not an uncommon situation in schools as well. There are kids with an obvious gift and score high during tests to put them in gifted programs. Many teachers tend to overlook symptoms of learning disability if the child continues to exhibit their giftedness.

In some cases, students keep themselves from excelling at a subject or activity because they’re being held back by their learning disability. As a consequence, many of these kids stay in the middle of the pack even if they deserve to be in the gifted program.

First of all, learning disabilities are medical conditions that require a proper diagnosis to be considered as fact. Failing to diagnose a child with a learning disability unless it’s glaringly obvious can be caused by a number of reasons.

Since the medical community put a name to learning disability, many experts have encountered countless of cases and there are a growing number of cases where they can pinpoint the exact condition because of its rarity. The longer the time it takes a doctor to identify the learning disability, the longer the kid has to go to school not knowing what he needs to excel.

Other times, kids show signs and symptoms from different conditions and you can’t fit them to any one category. This adds to the number of needs the student has and makes it harder to deal with the situation for both the teacher and parent.

A lot of young kids get diagnosed later in life because they only show symptoms of the condition once they’ve grown up. In this case, it’s important that parents identify a specialist for their son/daughter’s condition to help them during the process. Often times, it’s about finding the right education institution to support your child with disabilities they may have. If your look for a private school in Vancouver, Eaton Arrowsmith is a fantastic option to get started.

Cases upon cases of kids with learning disabilities have been found out too late or have gone undiagnosed. A precise diagnosis takes the right expert. Parents should be mindful of the condition of their child to get the best help available.

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education_bannerAn old saying states that education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom, freedom from external coercion, negligence, foolishness and poverty. Learning is a never ending journey of acquiring knowledge and that is why it is very important to be very selective on the type of school you want to take your child. When choosing a high school, several factors must be put in place and followed with keen hope and undying spirit. Not all schools will shape your child according to his or her zeal and Academic quest. You need to be very selective and at the same time sharp enough to understand the type of high school you want to take your child. This article seeks to highlight on the key points and restrictions you must follow and weigh before taking your child to that high school classroom.

1. The school performance

Schools perform differently. While some are popularly known for their academic success and quest for excellence, others are ever performing poorly. Even if the school’s proximity is near your house, you may have to take your child to another distant school where they will be able to be shaped and trained to perform excellently and given the best formal education. A quality training that seeks to shape them according to their career goals and objectives.

2. Your family financial abilities

Some private high schools will charge higher fees on tuition on boarding. It is important to weigh your family financial situation and select a high school that will best suit your child. It is also very important to note if there are other extra charges apart from boarding, tuition, trips or others according to the school’s organization. This will save you from spending too much on the school and help you make investments elsewhere.

3. Discipline and values the school upholds

A disciplined school has a name in the community and even in its area of locality. This will be the best school that will not only shape your child’s academic performance, but also instill high levels if discipline to them to shape them to become law abiding citizens and highly respectable members of the society who are always willing to offer support to the community, respect the elderly and act right even when no one is watching. Find out from friends about the best schools that are known for high levels of discipline and organization.

4. Proximity to your home

Each neighborhood has at least one or two schools that are known to perform well. If your child will be a day scholar, it is important to take them to a school that is near your home and one that produces the best sharp and educated students. This will save you much from money on fare and other extra charges. It will also help the child to find enough time to quickly ride or walk home and focus on assignments and free study times.

These are just, but a few points that you need to focus on while choosing a good high school. Others may include the type of co-curricular activities offered, religion and faith, and many others.

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